Popal Financial LLC
  • IRS will start accepting returns on February 12, 2021.
  • IF you did not receive one of both of your 2020 stimulus payments then you can claim them in your 2021 taxes.
  • IF you had a child in 2020 then you are ELIGIBLE for up to $1800.00 in additional stimulus money.


Preparing your 2020 Taxes

  • All customers are encouraged to check the home page for updated tax prep fees
  • You can submit your documents to Popal Financial LLC via the following 3 methods: PLEASE DO NOT TEXT THE IMAGE OF YOUR W2. ITS DANGEROUS.
  1. Via Apple app called CONNECT
  2. Via Android app called Client Connect
  3. Code for the above two apps are: POPAL
  4. Via email: popalfinancial@gmail.com
  5. Via Fax: 732-414-7707